Our Story – Rasalila India - A Harvest Edition Co.

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Create Awareness for Harvest Ingredients

Sustainable Packaging

Encourage Traditional Farming Practices

Empower Green Chemistry


We have been actively part of the farming community. So, the idea of starting a retail brand as Rasalila was only an organic step to bring the farmers together and reach the consumer market. Our aim is to empower the end user by making them aware about where the ingredients of products are coming from.


Farmers often disregard the indigenous crops found around them which are favorable to the soil ecosystem, instead they prefer the in-demand Genetically Modified Crops (GMO). Introducing such foreign species triggers a toxic cycle of frequent additions of more pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals. This spoils the ecology of the native soil, disturbing the natural habitat around her.

A well-informed farmer will keep the soil healthy which in turn feeds the growth for healthy crops. These thriving crops will fetch the farmers excellent prices for their harvest, thus ensuring that a healthy cycle of green agricultural practices becomes a viable reality.

Many modern consumers believe that the results of exotic products and ingredients cannot be achieved with the indigenous flora found in India. The forests and the native plants around us are loaded with anti-oxidants, flavonoids, proteins and other micro-nutrients.

You don’t need to travel to the other side of the planet for these benefits, as we deliver all that goodness in a bottle to you!

We focus on crops and produces that are indigenous to our geographical coordinates. We believe they exist around us for a real purpose. These crops build a much stronger soil ecology as you get better root zones, which equates to healthier plant & crop life cycles.


With natures’ elements and green technology, we create eco-friendly packaging while maintaining the functionality of the designs. This is a prime focus for R&D team here at our office.

Using these recycled and recyclable packaging for our products, we are determined to create an example to promote environmental sustainability for the beauty industry as a whole.


The average income of the Indian farmer is less than INR 1 lakh per year. We want to improve their income per crop by focusing on value additive and hi-quality end products.

The idea which began from our farmlands in Southern India has spread nationally with 8 farming ‘partners’, as we like to call them. They are key to any harvest ensuring highest quality of ingredients to produce remarkable Nature Luxury products.

Coming from a strong farming background, we were well aware of farmers’ mindsets and the challenges faced by them. It was an intuitive route map for us initiating Rasalila, considering our objective is to achieve 100% pure harvest raw ingredients while making chemical free farming the new trend.

Having built solid personal relations with farmers or our "Harvest Partners", and borrowing green technology support from professionals, we educate farmers about soil health and supply heirloom seeds, so that they do not consider GMO seeds

We promise our partners that even before harvest, we will pay upfront and buy their crops, irrespective of the yield for that season. This helps the farmers build trust and seriously consider green farming for a successful harvest and secure a fair price for their dedicated hardwork and labour.


While conscious of being an eco-luxury brand, we are equally focused on having strong formulations for all the products that we handcraft.

Our formulations are powered with actives, enzymes, proteins, lipids, vitamins, anti-oxidants and fragrances developed by green/ sustainable chemistry to harness the potency of each raw organic ingredient harvested by us to bring you the pristine products of nature.



Set an example that a sustainable beauty brand can be a reality while generating
profits, sharing and creating harmony in the community and ecosystem
that we surround ourselves with.

For us here at Rasalila, its not just our business or jobs but its our purpose and a way of life.

Come join us in the journey to be part of something much bigger than mere existing on this planet but by being a force puissant of this revolution by making green lifestyle a reality. Together, we can be the difference that we wish to see!

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